Want professional basketball coaching for your students and an incredible sporting experience? Find out more here about Kiwi Hoops and how you can get affordable programmes delivered in your school.

There is no question that kiwi kids want to play basketball. Basketball’s growth in participation and popularity continues to lead the way out of all traditional team sports.

We invite schools to take part in the Basketball New Zealand junior development programme – Kiwi Hoops. Experienced coaches will deliver a quality sporting experience to your students using best practise coaching methods. Kiwi Hoops focuses on the development of fundamental movement skills and ball skills through modified games with a physical literacy approach – teaching and encouraging sport for life.

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To book Kiwi Hoops for your school, contact Scott Richardson on Ph: 021 802665 or E: training@capitalbasketball.org

What do schools say about our Kiwi Hoops programme?

“We’ve had the Kiwi Hoops program running for two terms now and it has been fantastic! It has been amazing to see the progress and enthusiasm the students have made within basketball. It has taught them many skills related to basketball itself but with other transferable skills to other sports and when working within a team. The Kiwi Hoops administrators and coaches have been fantastic and easy to work with. They have helped our students gain confidence and skills within basketball and beyond. I highly recommend any school to get involved with the Kiwi Hoops basketball program.”

Jon Kreuzer, Kenakena School

“I really enjoyed this programme. I have coached basketball for 12 years now (school teams). I went away from this feeling inspired to refresh my coaching and to support the students in developing their skills going forward. Thank you soooo much. We have seen a lot of coaching programmes come out to schools and this was by far the best.”

Jade Stent, DP at Tui Glen School

“We always love our annual visits from Scotty and his team (this year it was Jason) to provide the Kiwi Hoops programme here! Our children look forward to it very much and I would highly recommend this programme (and these facilitators!) to any school considering it for inclusion in their school planning. We are really grateful that we have access to this type of programme.”

Tana Klaricich, Principal at South Featherston School

“The majority were challenged, provided with a range of activities. Most effective activities are the small sided games, drills and activities where all students can have a ball so all getting the opportunity to participate. There are lots that can be taken away from the sessions that teachers could implement into their own teaching.

B. Olliver, Trentham School

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